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Sunday, October 24, 2010

photo safari

I had the opportunity recently to take part in the "photo safari" held by our local Mike's Camera at the Denver Zoo. They brought a bazillion different cameras, lenses, tripods - anything you could possibly imagine. And it was all free to try out. I was like a kid in a candy shop.

bear & stick

I got to try the 24-70mm lens that I've been coveting. Now I want it even more.

giraffe smile

I also was able to test-drive a couple of full-frame cameras. It's probably not something I need, but it was fun to try.

polar bear lunch

But the big thrill was the enormous lenses that had stationed all over the zoo. I was able to just walk up, attach my camera, and click away.


With that 600mm lens I was able to get closer than I ever imagined.

tiger cub

My husband even played photographer and tried out some new equipment as well, while our kids indulged me and let me take lots of pics of them in addition to the animals. All in all it was a fun day. I look forward to the next photo safari in the spring!


  1. wow, that is so cool that they had these lenses available just like that for you to just come up and shoot! The photos look great!

  2. You just described the perfect day!
    I'm in love with the 24-70 too :)

  3. So cool! Look at the size of that 600 mm. Totally jealous!

  4. Wow, great photos. I really love the giraffe one!

  5. What wonderful shots! Loving that lens!

  6. What fun to get to use those lens :) Love your shots. The giraffe photo is gorgeous, all the colours and light, amazing :) T.

  7. I dream of any photographer!! Lucky you!
    your photos are amazing !!
    ...did I mention that your blog i fabulous too?
    so much so that now I m following you to catch-up with all your gorgeous posts!

  8. What an awesome opportunity, Shannon! Lovely images.